USB MIDI Host Manual

Thank you for purchasing the Datanoise USB MIDI to TRS MIDI Host. This device facilitates a seamless connection between your USB MIDI devices and TRS MIDI hardware without any configuration needs.

Package Contents:
Datanoise USB MIDI to TRS MIDI Host
USB cable (optional, based on package)

Plug-and-play functionality.
No configuration required.
USB MIDI Input and TRS MIDI Output compatibility.
Host power status indicator.
Activity indicators for receiving and transmitting.
Easy firmware update via the Update button.

Getting Started:
Powering the Device:
Connect the device to a power source using the provided USB cable.
The Power Status indicator should light up, indicating the device is powered and operational.

Connecting USB MIDI Device:
Insert your USB MIDI device into the USB MIDI Host port of the Datanoise unit.

Connecting TRS MIDI Device:
Connect a TRS cable (not included) from the MIDI Output port of the Datanoise unit to the MIDI input of your TRS MIDI hardware.

To receive MIDI data from your TRS hardware, connect another TRS cable from the MIDI Input port of the Datanoise to the MIDI output of your TRS MIDI hardware.

After ensuring all connections are made, the Datanoise USB MIDI to TRS MIDI Host will automatically begin transmitting MIDI data between your USB MIDI device and TRS MIDI hardware. Experience the ease of plug-and-play functionality!

Firmware Update:
Initiating Update Mode:
Ensure the device is powered off.
Press and hold the Update button.
While still holding the Update button, plug the power back in.
Release the Update button.
Updating Firmware:
Once in update mode, the device will appear as a virtual disk drive on your PC.
Drag and drop the new firmware file onto this virtual disk drive.
After the firmware transfer is complete, the device will automatically reboot and run on the new firmware.
Note: It’s crucial not to disconnect the device during the update process.

No Power:
Ensure the USB cable is properly connected.
Try using a different power source.
No MIDI Data Transmission:
Double-check all cable connections.
Confirm your USB MIDI device and TRS MIDI hardware are functioning and are set to send/receive MIDI data.

Safety and Maintenance:
Avoid exposing the device to liquids and extreme temperatures.
Disconnect the device when it’s not in use.
Use a soft, dry cloth for cleaning. Refrain from using wet wipes or abrasive materials.

Warranty and Support:
For details on warranty and technical support, kindly reach out to Datanoise via their official website or other support channels.

We appreciate your trust in the Datanoise USB MIDI to TRS MIDI Host. We hope it brings simplicity and efficiency to your musical endeavors!