ADAT is a Trademark of Alesis Corporation


Portable 8 Channel ADAT DAC

The OctaWave is a portable ADAT Lightpipe to 8 channel analog audio DAC / converter. It seamlessly integrates with any ADAT components and gives you 8 3.5mm mono jack outputs.

Technical Specifications

  • ADAT Lightpipe Input (Optical)
  • USB Type-C for Power Supply (with power filtering)
  • Low Noise Power Supply for DACs
  • 24-bit Audio at 44.1/48kHz
  • Low-jitter (< 1.3ns)
  • -120dB* noise floor typical
  • 112dB* Dynamic Range typical
  • Linear Frequency Response (0.1dB non-linearity typical)
  • Power and Link LEDs
  • 8x 3.5mm Jacks (mono, mechanically stereo for more stability) with 2.1V RMS output level, DC-coupled
  • Compact form factor (140x60x25mm)
  • Very low (100mA) power consumption
* The actual dynamic range and noise floor depends on the quality of the USB-C power supply.


  • Adding 8 or more outputs (with mutliple OctaWave) to your ADAT setup
  • USB Audio 8ch Interface setup using MCHstreamer
  • Up to 32 channels audio with RME Digiface and 4x OctaWave
  • Live Performance Setups (with FX chains etc.)
  • Analog Mixing w/ DAW
  • DJ Setups (a 4 deck setup with 2 stereo outputs each)
  • Quadrophonic / 5.1 / 7.1 / Surround Sound setups / mixing

Setup instructions

  • Connect your ADAT output (e.g. from your Audio Interface, such as RME Digiface, MiniDSP MCHstreamer) with an optical cable to the ADAT input of the Octawave
  • Make sure your Audio Interface is running at 44/48kHz Sample Rate. Sample Rates above 48kHz are not officially supported. Using 96kHz will result in only 4 audio outputs being available due to limitations of ADAT.
  • Power the OctaWave DAC via USB Type-C. You can use a power bank (make sure it doesn’t shut down with too low power consumption), a 500mA USB Power Supply or connect it straigt to your computer. For lowest noise and best performance, we recommend using a brickwall adapter.
  • Connect your outputs to your gear (mixer, effects, ..)

Control Voltage (CV) Output

The OctaWave has DC-coupled outputs which can be used to send control voltage to Modular Synthesizers. The voltage outputs is around +/- 3.063V DC rail-to-rail. You can offset the voltage in your eurorack system to achieve around 5 octaves tracking or use an attenuverter to scale it to +/- 5v or 0-10v.


Link LED is not lit?
– Check if your ADAT output is wired correctly. The port should be glowing red.
– Check if your sample rate is correct

Power LED not lit?
– Check if the Power Supply is connected or if the plug is correctly inserted.


The OctaWave will be available at Schneidersladen in June / July.